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I have experience with storyboarding from multiple feature films, tv-series and from teaching it as well. Here you can see boards both from my own projects and boards done for other studios.

Bubblebit & Miau
Lost Sock

Detective Miau cannot find her favorite socks, the ones with the cherries... is it a conspiracy between the sock manufacturer and the dryer-machine manufacturer?

Officer Maru investigates the strange hole which has appeared in a building block, when a familiar detective shows up... A scene I storyboarded and wrote to test the attitude between Miau and her uncle Maru.

Talking Tom and Friends - ep404 Beatboard

Below is a beatboard I did for episode 404 of Talking Tom and Friends, called Hank Gets Evil. I also directed the episode.

TT 404 Main Beats - for website.jpg
3D animated TV-seroes of 52 11min episodes. Produced by Arxanima for Outfit7

In this episode, Ben has left his friends to live on the Moon, who is his girlfriend. This is the second last sequence of the episode.

Cut-out animated pre-school TV-series of 26 5min episodes. Produced by Copenhagen Bombay.

Littletot and his best friend, the Ant, try to get their kite down from a very tall tree.

This is the storyboard for the whole episode, so it might take a while to look through.

Littletot 2
ep: Help I'm Falling!

Copyright 2017 ©  Niels Andersen Dolmer & respective copyright owners

- Director, Writer and Artist working in Animation

Bubblebit & Miau
Miau and Maru Test Scene

Talking Tom & Friends
ep110: Man On the Moon

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