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Talking Tom and Friends

I directed 14 episodes across seasons 4 and 5 of the 3D animated TV series Talking Tom and Friends.
I was involved in all processes of the production, from approval of scripts to final edits in post. I directed both my team in-house, but also work out-sourced to studios in India, Thailand and Singapore.

Below is a selection of some of my episodes released on Youtube.

Smash the Trash!

Ben’s new invention will make doing chores super easy! But when the machine malfunctions, the friends get transformed into paper-thin versions of themselves.

The Weather Machine

Ben is finally allowed to invent things again! But has he learned his lesson? Or will his inventions put the whole world at risk again?

The Bad Germ

Jeremy the Germ gets a visit from his brother Nigel, who wants to turn him back to his old bad-guy habits. Will Jeremy be able to resist that and stay loyal to Talking Tom and his friends?

Bubblebit & Miau Teaser Trailer

Below is also a teaser from a show I was part of creating and developing back in 2014, it was made in the polish studio GS Animation. Together with the main producer, I directed the teaser for Cartoon Forum below.

Copyright 2017 ©  Niels Andersen Dolmer & respective copyright owners

Copyright 2017 ©  Niels Andersen Dolmer & respective copyright owners

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