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- Director, Writer and Artist working in Animation

Character Design

Aisha & Old Man Arthut - personal project - TV-series

Below are characters from the pitch Bible of my TV-series concept Aisha and Old Man Arthur. You can see more about this project in particular on the projects page.

The Shrew of Destiny - 2D animated feature film

Below are designs I made for the 2D animated feature film "The Shrew of Destiny" - a film I'm the Character Design Lead on. The images are shown with the permission of the producer. The film is based on the polish comic book of the same name.

Lily & the Fishboy - personal project

Characters from my own TV-series and children's book project Lily and the Fishboy. See the project page for much more info!

Bubblebit & Miau - TV-series concept

The drawings below are made by me, but the designs were made in collaboration with the Art Director Aguri Miyazaki, for a TV-series concept I was part of creating and directed a teaser for.

Other Projects

Below are designs for various other projects, some are my own, and some are for theater and other productions.