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- Director, Writer and Artist working in Animation


In development

Lily & the Fishboy

a 2D-animated Adventure/Comedy TV-series of 26x22' episodes - and children's book.

"Wandering through a deranged post-apocalyptic future, Lily, a small, happy tomato embraces everything and everyone she encounters, while her worrisome friend, Fishboy, struggles to keep her out of danger."

- Idea, writing and drawings all by me

Pitch-Bible and three sample scripts done.

Lily & the Fishboy

Children's Book!

"How the small, happy tomato, Lily, met the anxious Fishboy - and how they both almost got eaten!"
- Written & Illustrated by me

First version of book finished.

Currently looking for publishers.

In development

Great Trouble with Grandpa

a 2D animated Comedy
TV-series of 26x11' episodes

"A little boy and his best friend try to stop Grandpa's inventions from causing disaster – but it's the curious thoughts of the two children that keep giving Grandpa ideas for more!"

- Idea, writing and drawings all by me

Pitch Bible and Pilot Script done . Looking for producer and co-writer

In development

Bubblebit & Miau

a 2D animated action/comedy TV-series of 52x11' episodes

"Bubblebit and Miau" tells the story of the comical adventures of a litthle girl who believes she is a detective who will make the city of Mondai a safer place, while her partner Bubblebit, an alien who really wants to help her but doesn't understand how the world works, throws them into even greater trouble."

- I am co-author, co-director and co-designer

Pitch Bible, sample scripts and teaser trailer done.

Early Concept

The Idiot

an animated comedy TV-series for children age 6-9, based on Dostoyevsky's classic novel

"The good-natured and open-minded Prince Myshkin repeatedly returns to Moscow to give 18th century Russian society another chance, and is repeatedly driven back to his Sanitarium by the paradoxical and short-sighted behavior of the people around him."

- Idea and drawings by me.

One page pitch done.


Under the Fold

7 min. graduation Short

"In the early stage of The Great Depression, Frank gets fired and is thrown on the streets with his son in tow, and when no job is to be found his life starts to tremble. The rescue comes from a seemingly very surprising place – the childish imagination of his boy."

Writing, and almost all Storyboard by me. Additionally I also did Character Design, Animation and Layout on the film.

Won two prizes and was at 30+ festivals

Copyright 2017 ©  Niels Andersen Dolmer & respective copyright owners

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