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I'm a director, writer and artist by day, and a nature-lover, amateur Thai boxer and couch-potato the rest of the time. I've lived in several countries and welcome the opportunity for living somewhere new. I've worked on all manners of projects and besides directing and writing I have a wide experience in storyboarding, concept creation and character design.

I have a Bachelor in Character Animation from the The Animation Workshop in Viborg, and have attended various courses in animationfilm, among others Animation Sans Frontières and the Scriptwriting and Concept Development Course at La Poudrière in France. I also teach at The Animation Workshop now and then.


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phone: +45 22133801

About & CV

"When he started he did not have any mayor TV series directing practice, but within short time he understood what it takes. [...] I wouldn't hesitate to hire Niels again. And I can strongly recommend him to others."

- Stefan Fjeldmark, People Moving Pixels, CEO




Director and Writer

The Great Balthazar (2022 - present)

Shortfilm produced by New Era Productions. The development of the film is supported by the Danish Film Institute and the West Danish Film Fund.


Director, Writer and Senior Storyboarder

Talking Tom (2022 - present)

I work on a freelance basis on different Talking Tom short format series, produced by Outfit 7 in Slovenia.

Pitch Deck Artist

Secret Gaumont Project (2023-2024)

I designed additional characters and made 8 keymoment illustrations to go with the pitch. Produced by Gaumont both through their French and American branches.

Lead Character Designer

The Shrew of Destiny (2022)

Toonboom Harmony animated feature film produced by GS Animation and Egofilm, Poland.


Blippi Wonders (2021-2022)

Animated TV-series produced by Moonbug Entertainment, UK.


Tales of Zale (2021)

In-development 2D-animated TV-series produced by Nørlum in Denmark.

Episode Director

Talking Tom and Friends season 4-5 (2017-2019)
3D-animated TV-series produced by People Moving Pixels, Spain for Oufit7.


Character Designer
Aruna's Emergency Call (2017)

An interactive short film, developed by World For Story, DK.


Hodja from Pjort (2016)

The Giant Pear (2016)

The Little Vampire (2016)

3D-animated feature films produced at A-film, DK

Bubblebit & Miau (2015)

TV-series concept developed with Grupa Smacznego in Poland. I was part of creating the project, developing the pitch for Cartoon Forum and directing the teaser.


Talking Tom and Friends season 1 (2014-2015)

3D-animated tv-series produced by Arxanima in Austria for Outfit7.


Little Tot season 2 (2014)

Cut-Out animated TV-series produced by Copenhagen Bombay in Denmark.



Jonalu season 2 (2013)
3D-animated tv-series produced by Scopas Medien in Germany.



Tuborg Summer (2013)

3D-animated commercial produced by Nice Ninja in Denmark.

Storyboard, Scriptor and 3D Animation Intern

Exodus (2012-2013)

Live-action Sci-Fi pilot produced by EyeCandy film in Denmark.

Storyboard Lead, 3D Animator and Character Designer

Under the Fold (2011-2012)

3D-animated graduation film from The Animation Workshop.


2D Animator
A Dream (2012)

Short film produced at The National Filmschool of Denmark.

Comic book Artist

Tales of Layonara Issue #1 and #2 (2006-2007)

Comic made for the MMORPG mod for Neverwinter Nights.

I also do Illustration jobs now and then.


Personal Project Development:


Great Trouble with Grandpa

TV-series concept. Developed to a pitch with the support of the Open Workshop Artist Recidency in the fall of 2022, and at the Anomalia Writing Lab 2023 with the help of industry veteran Richard Pursel.

Picked up by Eye Candy Films, we are currently applying for scriptwriting funding.


Lily and the Fishboy

TV-series and Children's Book. The book along with 3 TV-series script were made with the support of the Open Workshop Artist Recidency from 2019-2021.

The original pitch was made at the Nippon Nordic course at The Animation Workshop in 2017



2023 - Attended Anomalia's Comedy Writing Lab Course

2022 - Attended The West Danish Film Fund's Writer's Course

2019 - Attended "Bridging the Gap - Animation Lab" workshop at Tenerife.

2017 - Attended the "Nippon Nordic - Universe Accelerator" course at The Animation Workshop in Viborg.

2017 - Attended the "Scriptwriting and Concept Development" course at La Poudrière

2016 - Attended Schoolism's Copenhagen course in Character Design.

2015 - 2016 - Attended the "Animation Sans Frontièrs Development Lab."

2015 - Attended the 2 week course "Direction in Animation" at Anomalia in Czech Republic.

2014 - Attended the 2 week course “Cartoon Animation Production” at Anomalia in Czech Republic.

2009 - 2013 Studied Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation at The Animation Workshop in Viborg.

2009 - The Media School in Viborg - Attended a half year course in Flash and Anatomy Drawing.

2008 - The Drawing Academy - 1 semester course, at The Animation Workshop, Denmark.

2004 - 2007 - High School, mathematical line at Tørring Amts Gymnasium


Since 2014 I have occasinally been teaching mainly storyboarding, but also posing and background design at different courses at The Animation Workshop in Denmark.

Proficient in:
ToonBoom Storyboard Pro


- Director, Writer and Artist working in Animation

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