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- Director, Writer and Artist working in Animation

In development

Lily & the Fishboy

-  a 2D-animated Adventure/Comedy TV-series of 26x22' episodes - and children's book

Characters Poster v0,7  - new fishboy sk

"Wandering through a deranged post-apocalyptic future, Lily, a small, happy tomato embraces everything and everyone she encounters, while her worrisome friend, Fishboy, struggles to keep her out of danger."

- Idea, writing and artwork by me.

Lily and the Fishboy is a passion project of mine. It comes from a secondary character in a short-film I was writing and a drawing my niece made of a cat! It combines the most interesting ideas and experiences I've had over the years with my personal art style. Everything you see on this page is conceived and drawn by me.
I originally envisioned the project as an animated TV-series but decided to first develop it further for myself, by turning it into a children's book. The short-term goal is to have the book published in both English and Danish. The long-term goal is to adapt it into a high-quality TV-series.

The project is supported by:


For the TV-series I've made a pitch-Bible and written three sample scripts. Artwork from the pitch can be seen below:

Anchor 1

Children's book:

The book follows how Lily and Fishboy met each other out in the great flood, and how they almost got eaten! It has reached about a hundred illustrated pages. Below you can see some samples of pages. With the visuals for the book I go more into detail with the world than what an animation production allows for. The backgrounds are drawn in higher detail to make the world feel real. But, by using stylized shadows and saturated colors I let the joyful cartoon characters lead an invasion into this realism, and let them play out their adventures in the remnants of our world.

Copyright 2018©  Niels Andersen Dolmer

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