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"In the early stage of The Great Depression, Frank gets fired and is thrown on the streets with his son in tow, and when no job is to be found his life starts to tremble.

The rescue comes from a seemingly very surprising place – the childish imagination of his boy."

Under the Fold

-   3D animated graduation short from The Animation Workshop


Directed by:




Bo Juhl Nielsen

Niels Andersen Dolmer

Stine Agerskov Frandsen

Thomas Mortensen

Sara Mai Olsen

Rune Rask

Simon Lee Bresling

Under the Fold is a 3D graduation film, about seeing the positive aspects in life. It is told in a charming and light-hearded way despite the protagonist's harsh conditions. The film has been selected for 30+ film festivals, winning in the category The Best Animation Film and Talent-competitions.

My main role on the film was Storyboard Lead and I was heavily involved in the story process. I also did previz/DLO work (3d animatic), animation and character design. You can see the work I did on the film in the video below.