-  a 12 minute 2D animated comedy for a family audience

Project status: in writing

Author & Director: Niels Andersen Dolmer

A film exploring the idea that the biggest opposition to solve the modern problems of the world, comes from the sedative qualities of comfort and convenience. A critique of a middle class that flatters itself as being progressive – as long as it does not require real sacrifice or loos. Told through vigorous comedy in the energetic style of Calvin and Hobbes, the bizarreness of Monthy Python and snappy dialogue like a Tarantino film.

Theo & the Flood

- Story, Concept and Illustrative work

"On an island inhabited by vegetables, a tomato attempts to inspire his defiant peers to act on the oncoming destruction of a great flood, but turns increasingly hysterical himself, as he realizes that acting means he must sacrifice his own comfort which made him happy."