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I have experience with storyboarding from multiple feature films, tv-series and from teaching it as well. Due to company policies, I'm usually unable to show my newest work publicly - however, you're welcome to mail me to get more examples of my work as a storyboarder.

Bubblebit & Miau - Lost Sock

Detective Miau cannot find her favorite socks, the ones with the cherries... is it a conspiracy between the sock manufacturer and the dryer-machine manufacturer?

Bubblebit & Miau - Party Grandma

The detective girl Miau and her alien friend "Bubblebit" are send to Hysterical street 37 to investigate a call of disturbance....

Talking Tom and Friends - ep404 Beatboard


Below is a beatboard I did for episode 404 of Talking Tom and Friends, called Hank Gets Evil. I also directed the episode.

TT 404 Main Beats - for website.jpg

Copyright 2017 ©  Niels Andersen Dolmer & respective copyright owners

- Director, Writer and Artist working in Animation

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