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Bubblebit & Miau

-  an animated TV-series for an audience aged 6-9+

"Bubblebit and Miau" tells the story of the comical adventures of a litthle girl who believes she is a detective who will make the city of Mondai a safer place, while her partner Bubblebit, an alien who really wants to help her but doesn't understand how the world works, throws them into even greater trouble.


Created by:

Production Company:

in development


Aguri Miyazaki

Niels Andersen Dolmer

Paolo Conti

David Tousek

Grupa Smacznego


Note: the pictures shown here are the work of several artists under the direction of me and Aguri Miyazaki. Check my "drawings and illustration" page for work done solely by me. Below is a presentation of an episode we presented at Cartoon Forum in 2015. I directed the writing on the episode and the art of the presentation. The episode starts early morning, as Miau wakes up alone; her Grandma have dragged poor Bubblebit to a dog show (everyone but Miau things the alien is a weird dog!). Miau is mostly concerned with a pair of her favourite socks that are missing, while Bubblebit makes attempts at escaping the dog show - only angering the other competetive grandmas. Miau continually invistigates the case of the missing socks - finally realizing that all tracks leads to the dog show. Meanwhile, Bubblebit finally gives in to Grandma and perfoms - because it makes her happy. Watch below for the ending.